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Easy way to create a self test is basically an electronic version of studying with 3 x  5 notes cards. In this approach, a power-point slide is duplicated. The duplicate copy is now altered by placing shaded geometric figures to hide or cover up information on that slide.  When this is completed you have produced  a self test,  to test your understanding of the information on the original slide. For example if you have a lecture that contains 30 powerpoint slides. Then you will approach this as follows,

  1. Make a  single copy of each of the  30 slides producing  a total of 60 slides.
  2. Randomly cover up sections on each of the 30 duplicated slides  with shaded geometric figures
  3. Study the original slides for 30 minutes or less then go to the copy of the slide that was duplicated  and see if you can remember what information is covered with the shaded geometric figures.   To find the correct answers, compare the altered  slide with the original copy to  find that information. Alternatively, click on the shaded figure(s) in the altered copy  and lift to see the hidden  information.

To create a new self test for that same slide place the shaded figures on different sections  on the slide. Please see self test link above.

    See  Kindle books for a detailed description  of each of  the 12 steps of this program for academic success.

    Step 1

    How to prepare a schedule

    Step 2

    How to pre-read for coming assignments

    Step 3

    How to prepare tables and other study Aids

    Step 4

    How to divide your time among subjects and work effectively

    Step 5

    How to reinforce information by studying in groups

    Step 6

    How to prepare group skits to enhance learning

    Step 7

    How to use a group to create more test-like questions

    Step 8

    How to use a clock to test yourself under examination conditions

    Step 9

    How to reward yourself after an examination

    Step 10

    Real life involvement and challenges for study

    Step 11

    How to read technical journals

    Step 12

    what is the big picture?

    Other features
    such as:

    a. How to create self-tests is ONLY illustrated in the link above.
    b. Preparation for college/medical school
    c. How to prepare for the MCAT
    d. Using dramatic skits as learning tools

    Type kindle books into  google, open amazon.com, then type Earl Bloch
    Read Kindle books on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone with Kindle reading apps. You can download a Kindle reading app for free at www.amazon.com/gp/kindle/kcp.

Questions and concerns, please contact   blochearl@gmail.com

Your website is fantastic for students who want to excel in college and in medical school, dental school, vet school, or any other academic environment (including high school!).  As Director of a university learning center I encounter students every day who are bright and motivated, but who do not know how to study because they've never HAD to study before.  Having a specific 12 step plan for mastering material is exactly what these students need.  I've seen many students improve their performance from failing to making A's within one or two weeks of implementing a study plan.  Your plan is guaranteed to get similar results!  Your website is a must for any student who wants to excel in their courses not by memorizing and regurgitating material on the exams, but by learning and mastering concepts.  You've made a significant contribution to the academic community!

Saundra McGuire, Ph.D. 
(Ret) Assistant Vice Chancellor  & Professor of Chemistry
Director Emerita, Center for Academic Success
433 Choppin Hall
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803



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